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by Helen Sharland

A year ago


Simple ways to create true happiness, daily

by Helen Sharland

A year ago

Simple ways to create true happiness, daily

by Helen Sharland

A year ago

International day of Happiness! 💫 What a great awareness day to have…but what does happiness truly mean to you? All too often we are duped into thinking happiness is a destination, ‘I will be happy if I buy that xxx’ ‘I will be happy if I can move there’ for example…but true happiness lies in the now, the present.

Constant worrying about the future, or regretting things in the past is what torments our brain, this is where mindfulness comes in and can be a true help to find inner happiness every day.

It’s about being self aware enough to take in the moments of now, the small, present things. Here are our tips to help you on your happiness journey, it is a never ending path with good days and bad days, acceptance of that is also a trip of true happiness;


How often are you creating content for your social media for example, compared to what you are looking at and taking in? We are ultimately all consuming way to much for our brains right now, this can causes overwhelm, try flipping it on it’s head, create a post that will help others for your social channels, another example, turn off the TV and do a bit of crafting or cooking, creativity is a brilliant source of happiness, and you don’t have to be ‘arty’!!


There is no such thing as perfect. Repeat, there is no such thing as perfect. Imperfection is what you need to embrace.


Be present, some ideas to train your mind to be present; when you brush your teeth, do one corner for 30 seconds at a time, slowly and carefully, feeling each tooth -honestly, try it!! This stills your mind, allowing it to rest. When you’re in a queue, feel how your body is feeling, alter your posture, feel the ground, when you’re out on a walk, stop, what can you hear, what can you see…take a moment…


Are you helping others enough…send that persona a text to check in, take a food parcel around to someone who might need it right now, a small act of kindness goes a long way.


Gratitude, is really the ultimate in positive mindset training…finding the gratitude in everything makes such a difference, find empathy and gratitude even in the hard stuff, your happiness will thank you.


How often do you chime in on a friend talking? (my hand is up!) Try just listening, consciously stopping to listen and truly hear, when you truly listen, you go deeper into conversations, thinking about answers to your questions  and taking it further, rather than simply asking the questions…occasionally bite your young, be present and really see how you can add value to a conversation by listening.

I hope that helps you start on your journey to daily, simple happiness. It really is the little things, always remember happiness is a journey not the destination.

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